Which Paint To Choose For The Walls?

On the market there are many products, of different colors and characteristics, each one suited to your needs. Choosing the right paint for the interior therefore becomes not an easy task. Among the most commonly used types, there are:

  • tempera painting;
  • the enamels;
  • acrylic paint;
  • water-based paint.

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The first is a very cheap paint but has the disadvantage of having a short duration because it flakes easily. It is mainly used in areas with little exposure, such as closets or cellars.

Acrylic paint is used for its fast drying and long life. They can be used on different types of walls, have perfect coverage and are easy to keep clean.

The water-based paint for the walls

The water-based paint, thanks to its high performance, is the most used paint for walls. It has a slightly higher cost than the other types, but has a long life. It is available in different versions:

  • washable;
  • breathable;
  • heat-insulating.

As it is easy to guess from the name, the first can be cleaned using a damp cloth and has a high coverage. It is, for example, ideal for a children’s room or kitchen.

Finally, the heat-insulating water-based paint helps to improve the insulation of the room and, even this type, helps to combat the onset of mold and condensation. Choosing the right water-based paint requires the help of a painter who can carefully analyze the wall to recommend the most suitable type.

The anti-mold paints

  • broad spectrum;
  • anti-condensation.

The first helps prevent bacteria that cause mold and are very practical to use because they spread easily and dry in a short time. The anti-condensation mold, as its name indicates, helps fight mold caused by condensation thanks to microspheres that keep the walls at a warmer temperature.

Which color is best suited to the walls?

There are several criteria for choosing the right shade for your home. If you’re not sure, there are guidelines to help you select the most suitable paint. For example, if the room to be whitewashed it is positioned to the north and therefore enjoys little light, it is preferable to choose a warm color. Conversely, if placed to the south, the room can be whitewashed with cold or dark colors.

In addition, it is a particularly suitable choice for small areas, because white gives brightness and spatiality. If this wall paint doesn’t appeal to you, there are variations such as beige, honey, ice white or cream.

In recent years, black painted walls are very fashionable.

These are just some of the colors you can choose for your home walls. However, it is important to follow personal tastes and choose a wall paint that fully satisfies you. If you follow the trends or rules in every room to the letter, you end up choosing something you don’t like and you’ll find yourself painting your house again after a few months.

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