What Kind Of Paint Is Used To Paint Kitchen Furniture?

If you want to give your kitchen a low-cost makeover, paint is the best option you have. The paint has a lower cost than other coatings, you can choose the color you want, and you can do it yourself. Let’s see some doubts that frequently arise when painting the kitchen. House Painters

Alkyd enamel: also called synthetic enamel, it is a good option since it has very good adhesion on almost any material and other types of paint. It is a washable and inexpensive paint that is available in many colors.

Water-based or acrylic enamel: also called hydro-enamel, is the most used today. In addition to having the same characteristics as synthetic enamel, it does not yellow over time, has a very low odor, does not emit toxic fumes, and dries faster.

Chalk paint: or chalk paint, is the fashionable option for its easy application, quick-drying, ease of work, and special finish. The advantages are many. But keep in mind that it does not resist moisture nor stains, and a kitchen is a place where something more resistant is generally needed.

Painting lacquered kitchen cabinets

Lacquer is one of the most common coatings on wooden furniture. It gives it a distinct, solid, and homogeneous color. Any of the previous paints are appropriate to apply to lacquered furniture.

Someone may recommend a complete stripping of the furniture to apply new paint. In other words, remove all the previous paint, but this is almost impossible. A previous sanding to create a mordant will do. You may need to apply a primer to strengthen the adhesion of the new paint.

Can melamine furniture be painted?

Of course, you can paint melamine. Finally, melamine is a plastic material that can be painted with any synthetic enamel, water-based enamel, or chalk paint. There are also special paints on the market for painting melamine and MDF.

It is a bit more difficult is melamine with glossy or glossy finishes. In these cases, it is necessary to sand carefully to remove the shine and create a suitable surface for the paint to hold on. If the furniture needs more protection for intense use or wear, an epoxy enamel or hydro-enamel is best.

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