What Is The Ideal Time Of Year To Whitewash Your Home?

The drying time of the whitening decreases thanks to mild temperatures that favor the maintenance work of the walls. But the questions behind the initial question – what is the best time to paint the house – are also other: for example, can I paint at low temperatures or when it rains? Let’s find out all the useful details for those who have to whitewash the external or internal walls of the house.

What Kind Of Paint Is Used To Paint Kitchen Furniture?

This operation should be scheduled periodically, maximum every 5 years . Because the paint deteriorates over time and is not just about an aesthetic factor: painting means protecting the walls from external agents such as rain and humidity, a healthy environment should always be well painted.

This applies to the interior and exterior. But it takes time and effort. If you decide to do it yourself you must know that it is not about painting, but also about moving furniture, covering everything that should not be dirty, closing small cracks with putty, using sandpaper to prepare the surface. Are you sure this is all simple in winter, when it may rain for a week? The answer is clear, but let’s move on.

Whitewashing in the summer, advantages

How long does it take to sleep in a freshly painted room? If you are anxious to go back to the bedroom, and tidy up the house after painting, you have to work in the summer . Resting in a freshly painted bedroom can be harmful to your health, but if you let it dry well, the problem is solved.

Is it possible to paint the house in the winter?

The possibility is not excluded a priori. There are no absolute contraindications but the fact remains that it is difficult to let the paint dry when there are adverse weather conditions. So rain and cold. Furthermore, it is always useful to read the instructions left in the technical data sheet.

The best time to paint your home?

The answer was already clear, from April to October. But now you know why it is so important to paint the walls of your home (but also of offices, condominiums or apartments) when it is hot. Or in any case in a period of time capable of guaranteeing sun and pleasant temperatures to work without interruptions or problems.

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