Types Of Special Paints For Painting Glass Or Crystal

There is no single type of paint to paint glass, but you have a variety of special products with which to decorate furniture, windows, plates and even glass bottles or jars.

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Not only is there only one way to paint glass, but there are different techniques, effects and jobs that can be done, each of which requires a special type of product. Let’s see some of the types of glass paint available on the market:

Lacquers or varnishes to paint stained glass

Stained glass, or false stained glass, are a beautiful decorative detail that is made on glass sheets in windows, glass doors, glass furniture or crafts, and even home lamps. Two special products are used for this:

Relief paint or paste: with which the drawing to be painted on the glass is outlined. Its volume allows the areas to be painted to be well defined before coloring the work.

Stained glass paint, varnish or lacquer: it can be found in stores under all three names. It is a liquid material with a transparent appearance, and a not very extensive palette of colors. The lacquer is spread over the glass until it covers the area delimited by the relief paste. It can also be used with brushes to draw colorful but transparent pictures or decorations.

Acrylic paint, special for crafts

If you want to draw or paint the glass with small brushes, this is the best alternative. Its finish is usually matte and opaque, that is, it is not transparent. It is a paint that is diluted with water and available in a wide range of colors. It is one of the usual paintings for making crafts or crafts.

Although acrylic paint tends to adhere well to glass, rubbing or handling a painted object can damage your work. In this case, it would be convenient to protect the area with a water-based acrylic varnish, a similar product but with a transparent finish.

Glass or frosted glass effect paint

This type of paint mimics frosted or sandblasted glass. The light passes through the glass but cannot be seen to the other side, it is translucent and ideal for generating privacy or decorating with the stencil technique . It is available in spray or aerosol.

The frosted effect is often used in office divisions, commercial premises, bathroom screens and cabinets, mirrors, crafts and even windows.

Painting glass with Chalk Paint

The well-known chalk paint or chalk paint is a multipurpose material, suitable for different surfaces, and glass or crystal is not left out. It is commonly used to paint glass jars, jars, candle holders and bottles.

This paint has a silky texture and a matte finish, without gloss. It is usually available in pastel colors and is very easy to use, with almost no need to prepare the surface. Usually a patina or stripping can be done to highlight the shapes of the painted object, in addition to giving it an old look.

Synthetic enamel, traditional paint, or spray

Traditional solvent-based alkyd enamel , or synthetic enamel, is a washable paint and one of the most economical options for painting glass. Especially if you want to cover the entire surface. You may need more than one coat to achieve a homogeneous layer of color on the glass, of course the result will not be transparent, depending on the finish you have chosen.

The material known as lacquered glass is nothing more than a glass painted on one side with a special paint. In this way, a very shiny, colored surface with high resistance to friction is obtained on the opposite side. You can create your own lacquered glass by painting one side of the glass sheet with enamel, to later use it as a coating or on your furniture.

Special primer for glass

There are primers or bases for almost all types of materials. In this case it is a product that you can apply to guarantee the good grip of any paint that is not special for glass. In this way a good adherence and a longer duration of the work is ensured.

Markers or markers for glass

Depending on where you are, you can get them as markers for glass, markers for glass, or markers for glass . And it is nothing more than that, a marker with an indelible ink, which is also called permanent ink.

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