The Right Steps To Apply Lime Paint

In addition to the basic techniques of laying a lime paint, there are certain actions that you must have in order for the work to be a success. Point :

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  • Stir the paint frequently

Lime paint is certainly aesthetic and trendy, but it is far from practical. It tends to dry out quickly. To avoid just this kind of problem, we advise you to frequently mix your paint bucket . Reason why you will need a wooden spatula during installation.

  • A two-layer application

To make your wall color stand out more, you will need to apply a double coat. Obviously, this requires a little more time. The optimal drying time between each coat of paint will be 24 hours.

You will also need to wait 24 hours between the application of the undercoat and the first coat of paint. It is important to stress this.

  • Jobs that take time

Once both coats of lime paint have been applied, do not proceed directly to finishing work. Experts recommend a waiting period of 7 to 14 days before applying the topcoat . For this last step precisely, exit the classic rollers and brushes. Instead, use the float.

  • Always start with the edges of the walls

When applying lime paint, always start with the edges of the walls. These are small enough to allow you to try out the pigment content and the color quality. In addition, being more difficult to access, they generally take longer. Reason why, you have to do them first.

There is no specific movement to adopt for the installation of a lime paint. You can choose to start from the top of the wall or from the bottom. Everything is a matter of taste.

  • How to fix application errors

It is also important to note that lime paint does not wash off with water. Once installed, it is almost impossible to remove it. If you made a few mistakes while applying it, grab a small brush to apply an extra coat or to cover up the spots. It will be much more convenient and much faster.

  • Specific outdoor installation conditions

Finally, for exterior lime painting, consider covering your wall with a waterproof tarpaulin while waiting for the structure to dry. This will prevent various and varied incidents: children playing with paint, attacks by animals and beasts of all kinds, and attacks from rain or hail, etc.

  • Protect you during installation

As a reminder, lime paint is quite corrosive to the skin. It is therefore necessary to avoid the slightest contact. To do this, we recommend that you wear protective clothing. This is the case, for example, with thick waterproof gloves, protective goggles and extremely covering clothing.

You will never be safe from paint fallout. So, during the work, choose outfits that you are no longer likely to wear outdoors. Opt for comfort rather than aesthetics. Large size clothing is recommended in order to enjoy greater freedom of movement.

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