Suggested Colors To Sell A House Faster And Better

As they say “the first impression is what counts”, and the colors are the first in charge of causing that positive impact on the potential tenant or buyer during their visit.

Which Paint To Choose For The Walls?

In the real estate market, a technique called Home Staging is used , which consists of improving the appearance of a home to sell it. This is NOT the same as decoration, and it has some resources that you too can easily carry out. In this sense, paint and colors are of vital importance. If you take into account this technique to condition your property, it is certain that by publishing your ads on OLX , you will make it much more attractive to new tenants and acquirers.

The color according to the profile of potential buyers

For example, if you intend to rent an apartment for students, you should use white, but with touches of intense colors , orange, red, green, yellow. You can do it on the cushions, a painting or a wall. Young people like bright, minimalist environments with details that make them look dynamic and modern.

On the other hand, older people prefer neutral tones, beiges, pastel tones , environments with a warm appearance, and some bluish tones.

Also the color depends on the architecture and the style of the property. Maybe soft tones are not bad for a classic build. And in a loft, intense colors should not be discarded.

How the good condition of the paint influences

The coating that every interior needs, the paint has the particularity of renewing the walls, ceilings, doors and windows. With it, stains, cracks, traces of a past life are eliminated , making the environments look renewed. That is why you must paint.

In addition, a property with new paint creates the feeling of good conservation, and the colors you choose are very important. The color and paint have to make the environment look spacious, pleasant and allow those interested to get an idea of ​​what their life would be like in the place.

Why should you use the color white

With Home Staging, unlike with decoration, it is intended to create an impersonal environment, making it look more pleasant for the largest number of people, not for one. And precisely white is the most impersonal and neutral color that exists. It is the canvas that will allow the buyer to plan the future colors, the distribution of his furniture and the details that he likes.

In addition, the white color provides an impression of cleanliness , another characteristic that a home offered for sale must have. And as if that were not enough  power, the light , a creative source of good sensations and spaciousness in the interiors.

Neutral, pastel shades and a bit of color

Not everything is white , you also have the option of painting in other colors, without neglecting the first. Color should be used to create the right effects towards future clients. You can also add a bit of color to make each corner a visually attractive place.

Soft grays and creams have similar effects to white. And on the basis of the neutral you should bring warmth and some information by using other tones in the details.

Pastel colors appear calm or calm. Although for some they may be bland, they do not generate counterproductive emotions of rejection, fatigue or nervousness.

Don’t underestimate the lighting

In most cases, the interiors are not bright and pleasant like in the magazines. In reality there are dark areas and shadows that affect good looks and do not look good. To improve this:

  • Use lamps in shady corners, corners, hallways, or under stairs.
  • Add sheer, ultra-light, white curtains to enhance the entry of natural light.
  • Use white light, instead of warm light, everywhere.

The first impression is essential, that is why the good condition of the property will create greater interest in the potential tenant or buyer from the beginning.

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