Must-See Attractions In Milwaukee

It doesn’t matter if you are one or 100; Milwaukee is a city for all ages! This industrial hub may seem bland to the untrained eye, but beneath its facade are many fascinating experiences waiting to be explored. Have a beer or plan a year around Summerfest and come see all that Milwaukee has to offer. Here are the five most popular city attractions:

Harley Davidson Museum

For the world’s pig lovers, the number one place to visit is the Harley Davidson Museum. The museum houses many unique objects, including the first Harley Davidson motorcycle! So grab a leather jacket, or just enjoy a drive while daydreaming of the open road.

Milwaukee Art Museum

More commonly known as Calatrava, the Milwaukee Museum of Art is possibly the most famous landmark in Milwaukee. It was designed to blend into Lake Michigan harbors, and from far away, it certainly passes like an elegant ship! The art inside is phenomenal, but it’s hard to really beat the lakefront’s view from the inside windows.

Milwaukee Public Museum

The Public Museum is home to a plethora of phenomenal exhibits displaying some of the world’s best stories, as well as scientific innovations.

Discovery world

Discovery World is a one-stop-shop for some of the fascinating experiences in Milwaukee. They have amazing exhibits like an interactive aquarium and a boat that houses family sails along Lake Michigan. The place is also a great place to host parties and weddings.

North Point Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a saga of Nicholas Sparks, making it one of Milwaukee’s most picturesque places. The lighthouse was originally built to carry ships to Milwaukee’s classic harbors, but now it simply serves as a fantastic tourist spot. They often have events that include tours and even beer tastings!

History and Culture of the city of Milwaukee

It is a city with great history, one of the largest in the United States. Milwaukee can literally be translated as “good land,” that’s how the first inhabitants called it, tribes of the Indians. Since the end of the 19th century, the main sector of development was the manufacture of beer. This sector began to succeed under the influence of immigrants from Germany who arrived here in the middle of the century. Until the middle of the 20th century, Milwaukee was the world’s leading beer maker today. One of the oldest factories operates on its territory; many taverns and bars recall the previous century.

Any visitor will be eager to visit all the remarkable places here. First of all, it is worth seeing the old churches and constructions of the so-called cream brick. In this area the brick is prepared from a very special kind of clay, it has a cream color, which is why the houses seem so rare and extraordinary. One of the most beautiful raised buildings of cream brick is the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Among cultural institutions include the Milwaukee Art Museum, the building astonishes with its unique architecture and interior. Here you can see the works of well-known painters, most of which belong to the early 19th century. Lovers of new technologies should take a trip to the Discovery World museum. Its external appearance is reminiscent of a spaceship that emits rays of acid colors. Here are some collections that demonstrate all the power of new technologies. Also, Milwaukee is the homeland of the famous Harley Davidson motorcycles; tourists can see the factory and its headquarters. The tour program traditionally ends with a walk through the Miller Brewery.

The Night Life of the city of Milwaukee

When people think of living in Milwaukee, beer and baseball are things that often come to mind. However, this city has much more to offer.

Jojo’s Martini Lounge

One of the most popular bars in Milwaukee today and one of the best reviews received by tourists who visit it because everyone feels very comfortable with the service, with the treatment given by the owners and waiters, and with the prices, which are really low considering what you get there on a night out.

Miller Time Pub and Grill

Craft beers and world-famous beers are what those who visit this great Milwaukee pub prefer, a pub that also stands out for its kind attention, for its pleasant decoration, which invites you to linger, and for its delicious food, especially its famous hamburgers. Throughout the city and highly admired by travelers who come to it searching for a good place to eat, share a couple of beers, and have a good time.

Potawatomi Bingo Casino

One of the most important and busiest casinos in the city is frequented daily by hundreds of people looking for table games, slot machines, and a night of liquor. It stands out for its large size, for its beautiful decoration and for the good number of staff available to serve customers.

3 best bars in the city of Milwaukee

Milwaukee is known as Brew City, and for a good reason. It’s not difficult to find a place to snuggle up at the bar in this city. While finding a bar is easy, finding the right bar for your tastes can be a bit trickier if you’re not that familiar with Milwaukee nightlife. Mom and Dad’s corner bar is usually a great bet for a laid-back conversation with the locals, while Water Street is where you should go if you’re 21 and in the mood to party with thousands of new drunken friends. Other bar districts include North Avenue on the east side and the Riverwalk in downtown Milwaukee, especially on a hot summer night.

Water Street Brewery

One of Milwaukee’s original breweries, Water Street Brewery’s first location on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee, considered the most populated spot for pub crawling, is still worth a trip, even with new locations popping up in Grafton, Oak Creek, and Lake Country. Five Water Street Brewery beers are on tap, from Honey Lager Light to Octoberfest. You can even buy beer to go through a growler. The extremely diverse cuisine for lunch and dinner ranges from brunch meals on Saturdays and Sundays (try the “Brewmaster’s Breakfast”) to tacos, salads, pizzas, burgers more served daily.

Mo’s Irish Pub

As the name implies, Mo’s Irish Pub in downtown Milwaukee celebrates all things, Irish. This includes pints of Guinness, gastropub dishes like Jameson’s burgers and Mo’s Shepherd’s pie, and lots of photos of Jameson. If you’re meeting friends before a show or concert, this is a place where everyone can find something to eat and drink, and the atmosphere is always lively, even if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The bar concept is so popular that the owner opened others in Texas and Indiana, proof this is a great place, because who doesn’t love a night out in an Irish pub?

Camp Bar

With three locations – Shorewood, Wauwatosa, and Third Ward, this preppy and North Woods themed bar evokes a cabin-on-the-lake vibe, with taxidermy on the walls, pine furniture, and plenty of plaid textiles. In the original location, on Oakland Avenue in downtown Shorewood, this is a great place to watch the game or relax with friends. The owners consider it a riff on their own lake cabin up north, working with the same interior designer to achieve the look (this attention to detail shows). If it’s Packers season, the Camp Bar pulls out all the stops to throw a fun party, so definitely don’t hesitate to stop by for a Sunday afternoon if it’s football season.

Cost of living in Milwaukee, WI

Living in Milwaukee is affordable, especially for families. For the price of a studio in a city like Los Angeles or Manhattan, you can find a single-family home in a thriving Milwaukee neighborhood.

Living in Milwaukee is pretty cheap. For example, it is 189% more expensive to live in Sacramento, California, than in Milwaukee.

In general, Milwaukee’s cost is lower than in other large metropolitan areas in the United States.

On average, residents of this city tend to pay more for health care, but housing costs are relatively low.

The only economic disadvantage you will encounter when living in Milwaukee will be property taxes; the limes can be a bit high.

However, these property taxes have been declining in recent years. You can also always reduce the amount you pay in taxes by having a small or less expensive home.

Weather in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is considered one of the warmest places in Wisconsin, but this does not mean that the winters are less severe. Winters are long and cold, but residents accustomed to the climate often ice skating or sledding.

During the summer and fall, hiking and sailing are popular hobbies.

Generally, August, June, and July are the most pleasant months in Milwaukee, while January and February are the coldest months, with several days of freezing temperatures.

On average, there are 135.3 days a year when the nighttime low temperature falls below freezing (32 ° F). There are 11.4 days a year (on average) when the temperature exceeds 90 ° F.

Jobs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers many employment opportunities in the manufacturing and manufacturing industry. Several of America’s largest corporate companies have factories in this city, including Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls, Aurora HealthCare, Boucher AutomotiveGroup, Sargento Foods, Baird, and Rockwell Automation.

Besides, the metropolitan area is also experiencing growth in health-related jobs due to the region’s multi-hospital systems.

The unemployment rate has been steadily declining, falling below the national average.

The city of Milwaukee is also known for its abundant wheat crops. All of this wheat served as a starting point for breweries like Miller, which is why the city has a great connection to beer and alcoholic beverage-making jobs.

Schools and universities in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has schools specialized in language immersion, and schools focused on the arts or technology. Some families choose the Milwaukee suburbs to take advantage of good schools. Whitefish Bay leads the region, but Elmbrook, Greendale, and others also offer good quality education.

College-age students can stay in Milwaukee and attend one of the seven colleges in the area, including Marquette University or the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

If there isn’t an ideal option here, the city of Madison is just a short drive away. It is known for its institutions such as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or Herzing University.

Outdoor activities

Milwaukee offers an undeniable appeal to fresh water, but one thing you can’t avoid living in this city is the snow.

Yes, in Milwaukee, it snows, and winters can seem long. Locals gather for coffee and try to skate at Red Arrow Park. Or sled down the hills in 12 different parks.

Free Snowshoe Rentals and Trails in the Havenwoods State Forest are delightful. Ice fishing in the lagoons of the park is fun for both fishermen and children.

When the snow melts, the residents of this city know exactly how to accept warmer weather. Milwaukee is close to the Menomonee, Kinnickinnic, and Milwaukee rivers.

Two smaller rivers, the Root River and the Lincoln Creek make their way through the city. It also has Lake Michigan on the shore of the city.

So how do those who live here take advantage of this charm? Visiting one of the nine acclaimed beaches like Bradford or Atwater to swim, surf (yes possible), or play beach volleyball. Or getting into a kayak or taking a dinner cruise on the river.