Lead Safe Practices

If your home requires the use of lead safe practices, you have come to the right place. Proud Precision Painters is recognized by the EPA and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as a ‘Lead-Safe Company’. If needed, you will be educated on the latest laws and regulations so that your family, pets & neighbors are safe.

Steps To A Lead-Safe Project

  1. Risk Assessment: Physical inspection, questions for the property owner, possibly tests
  2. Educate Customer and Crew: Answer questions and create action plan
  3. Contain: Create barrier to protect environment and bystanders from direct contact
  4. Protect Workers: Painters use respirators and other protective gear
  5. Remove Contaminants: Potential lead-contaminated surfaces are scraped, prepared for painting
  6. Work Area Cleanup: No debris is left behind
  7. Control Waste: Proper containment, storage, transportation and disposal of waste
  8. Inspection and Recordkeeping: Tests performed by lead safety expert to verify documented steps for EPA inspection