How To Varnish Or Paint Pallet Furniture

If you want to use wooden pallets for your furniture, you must know how to treat and paint them so that they are safe and have a good appearance. waukesha house painters

Pallets, also called pallets, are a very common wooden structure in the transport of cargo and merchandise. At the time of being discarded, it is possible to reuse its wood or even its original structure. Only with a few changes and additions will we give you a new life.

Why use pallets at home

One of the options is recycling or the reuse of a product that would probably have a less pleasant destination. In addition, without having to acquire a new one with the ecological footprint that each purchase we make generates in the environment.

In addition to the above, it must be said that they have been very fashionable for some years now and create a unique touch to the interior and exterior environments of the house. They go very well with different styles, from the most Rustic, through the Country, the Industrial, the Shabby Chic, and making a pleasant contrast with the Modern.

Why it is necessary to treat and paint the pallets

You must bear in mind that these wooden objects have been used in a variety of industries and transportation. It is possible that the pallet that will become your table has been around the world. It has loaded food, materials, and even dangerous substances that may have been spilled on it. For this reason, it is not healthy to use its wood without previous treatment, especially when we are going to have contact with it.

In addition, the wood of the pallets can have different origins, each of which has different characteristics, some of them with many splinters and roughness that tend to hurt easily when rubbed against the skin.

Time to clean the wood

Wash the wood with the preparation of soapy water with kitchen detergent and with a plastic brush. Then rinse with plenty of water to remove the soap; if not done correctly, there will be problems when applying the paint.

Let it dry in the sun for a few days so that it does not accumulate moisture in the fibers. With this first step, it is time to prepare the surface for the subsequent application of paint or varnish. Or disassemble the pallet to take advantage of the wood and give it the use you have in mind.

Optional treatment of fungi and woodworms

If you want to add excellence to the piece of furniture that you are going to create, there is the possibility of treating the wood and improving its appearance. You may find black spots due to fungal growth. To eliminate them, there are fungicidal products on the market for this case, and they are applied only with a brush after sanding and before painting.

Final sanding and painting

Sanding is very important to soften the wood, remove chips and burrs, typical of a rustic material with little treatment and with a lot of the hustle and bustle. Properly dust each board with a dry cloth to improve paint adhesion and obtain a smooth finish.

If you are going to reuse the wood and have some knowledge in carpentry, you have the option of brushing each of the boards to give it a smooth finish; otherwise, purify the surface through exhaustive sanding.

What treatments can be used on pallet wood

They can be varnished, painted with synthetic or water-based enamels, tinted, even chalk paint is a good option to renew the wood and create a patina, an aged effect, or simply a whitewash. The paint can be applied simply with a brush and roller. Two to three coats are enough, or until the desired result is obtained.

A wood treatment, especially outdoors

The treatments must be more effective to resist the elements, the sun, and the humidity. In these cases, the application of special varnishes, stains, or impregnants, also special paints for exteriors, is always welcome.

The rays of the sun and the rain quickly deteriorate the exposed woods, so they will surely need a new application every year.

What can be done with pallets

Pallets are currently used at home to make walls or fences in gardens and party walls, also as pots for plants or flower pots. The wood of the pallets is special for flowerbeds or vegetable gardens, special boxes for the cultivation of edible plant species in an urban garden.

Outdoors, pallets are also sought after to be transformed into garden furniture, pool-side furniture, or sitting games on terraces or rooftops, also for bars, pergolas, or as a rustic and improvised wooden deck.

Indoors, pallets are used in all kinds of furniture, from a rustic coffee table in the living room to as a base for a large bed. Modifying them appropriately, you could create a cupboard, a breakfast bar, a kitchen island, TV racks, or dining tables. Virtually anything is possible.

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