How To Prepare A Surface To Be Painted

The preparation of the surfaces to be painted is one of the most important parts if you want to get a good result. In fact, if done incorrectly, it shortens the life of the paint or, in the worst cases, of the surface itself as in the case of work on walls with cracks. affordable painters

Today we offer you a simple guide to better prepare the surface to be painted.


The first step is to brush the surface well in order to eliminate all the dust present. For these operations I recommend a large brush / brush with hard bristles in order to penetrate deeply and eliminate all residues that could ruin the final result.


This step is very important for a correct setting of the paint. In fact, in the case of old paints or enamels that are detaching from the surface it will be necessary to remove all the surface layer in order to obtain a solid and homogeneous surface on which we will spread the paint.

In case we have areas attacked by rust it will be necessary to eliminate it by scratching it off with sandpaper and then passing a layer of anti-rust in order to protect the areas just cleaned.

Another indispensable check concerns the nature of the previous painting. In fact, it is not always possible to paint a wall with two different types of paints, as if you wanted to cover tempera paint with modern washable paints.

I always recommend asking the seller which paint suits your needs best and if he is serious and professional he will suggest the best product.


If a wall is being prepared and there are cracks, they must be grouted. Once grouted, I recommend applying a coat of insulation with a brush in order to make the wall more uniform. If the wall has numerous cracks, it will be necessary to pass the insulation over the entire wall in order to ensure a solid grip for the paint and to prevent it from coming off after a few weeks.


 – Remember to protect the edges of the door and window frames, the skirting board with adhesive paper tape and protect any remaining furniture or the floor with sheets if you want to paint the ceiling as well.

– If you want to paint the room with two different colors, it will be necessary to delimit the area to be painted always with paper tape in order to avoid unsightly smudges.

– In the case of very humid environments (eg bathroom), before applying the color, I recommend applying an insulating and anti-mold product with a roller in order to prevent its appearance.

– We do not recommend the use of tempera paints even if they are the cheapest, in fact they tend to come off and get dirty very easily. Being very delicate they usually have a shorter duration and it will be necessary to paint the wall much more frequently.

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