How To Paint Marble?

Do you have marble elements which, under the wear of time, are no longer presentable and which you want to rejuvenate? Or have you just bought a new home and it has marble items that are in a very poor state of repair, or is the color just not to your liking? Know that when you have the right paint available, it is possible to paint almost anything, even marble which is, after all, a stone like any other.

What Order Should You Follow When Painting A Room Or Room?

Originally, the term marble comes from the Greek “marmaros” which means “resplendent stone”. In Latin, the word “marmor” is used to designate all stones whose surface could be polished by polishing.

The use of marble has been known since ancient times. It is linked to the will of men and to art. Indeed, it was only the masters who knew how to work this material which was at the same time precious, rare, heavy and fragile. .

In ancient Greece, marble was carved into funerary idols. It was also used for the construction of temples or statues of deities.

In Roman times, victorious generals brought back newly conquered lands, marble booty, just like spices, slaves or precious metals. Marble was synonymous with prestige, exclusivity and luxury. It is found in almost all the architectural and artistic achievements that have marked human history.

Nowadays, this material, which is both heavy and fragile, constitutes a decorative coating of choice. But in terms of quality, there may be differences. Indeed, not all models are luxurious and durable. Thus, we can find ourselves in the presence of models that tarnish over the years, while others are not at all aesthetic. For these last two cases, painting is an alternative of choice because it allows to obtain a unique look.

Generally, marble which is a very noble material does not need to be painted. Many people even think that painting marble is just a mess. If the original color of your marble contrasts horribly with that of the room it is in, the operation is proving to be of great help. But whether it is to give a second youth to the decoration or for the sake of beauty, nothing beats a good brushstroke, especially for the vertical parts.

If you have made the decision to paint the marble elements in your home, you should know, before starting the work, that it is a compact stone, not very porous. We say then that the marble is very closed. This means that its surface does not easily allow the hanging of a painting. You must therefore, above all, meticulously clean the marble before applying a bonding primer.

Before you take your tools and start the operation, you are advised to think carefully. Be aware that once applied, paint on marble is very difficult to remove. As it is a rather fragile material, it risks scratching during stripping. Once you have made your decision, you must choose a final color. We advise you to make your choice between white, gray or black. These colors have the great advantage of being neutral, therefore versatile.

Two types of paint are available for your project:

  • Glycerophthalic paint

To hide the initial surface, you can use glycerol paint because it is sufficiently covering. It is suitable for furniture, in this case a fireplace or a wall decor.

  • Special marble paint

This second type of paint is resin-based. It is therefore more solid than glycero. It clings easily, even to the smoothest surfaces. It is the ideal paint for floors and countertops. However, painting a marble floor is not recommended even if it is possible. Indeed, the paint may not withstand the incessant comings and goings, as well as too frequent cleaning. It can even be dangerous for those who walk on it with heavy shoes or heels.

Also be aware that marble paint cannot withstand high temperatures. By the time you have made the decision to paint your fireplace, it implies that you have already condemned it, unless you are using a proper paint.

Nowadays, with the evolution of techniques and the existence of different ranges of paints, it is possible to paint yourself, without having recourse to an expert, marble objects.

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