How To Decide The Color For The Exterior Walls Of The House, Practical Advice

The outward appearance is the  business card  of a house, to give it a pleasant image, however, you need to pay close attention to its details, and therefore to its decoration. It is essential to choose the right color among many things (although it can be quite difficult).

How To Prepare A Surface To Be Painted

In fact, behind this choice, there are a number of factors. For example the  architectural style , the size and the environment that surrounds it. In this regard, here is a guide on how to choose the right  color  for the facade.

In this article you will find 4 examples of colors for the external walls of the house based on the dictates of landscape architecture, for five different types of homes:

  • country house
  • modern villa
  • historic house
  • condominium

Change the color of the exterior facade and save money

Changing the colors and finishes of the external walls of a home is considered an extraordinary maintenance intervention and as such is subject to the tax bonus with reimbursement of 50% of the expenses incurred.

Furthermore, you are entitled to apply the reduced VAT rate of 10%.

What color for the facade of your house?

The range of colors for the external walls is very wide.

Colored facades of houses in the countryside

Houses located in rural areas have fewer urban planning constraints than houses in urban areas, but it is still necessary to follow the color chart provided by the Town Planning Office of the Municipality to which they belong.

In rural areas there is a tendency to choose colors of the external walls already present in the surrounding environment, trying to  “camouflage” the house with the landscape .

The choice will therefore fall on all the colors of the earth, from sand to brown to red earth, as well as grays and whites (in mountainous areas).

Colors for the facades of modern houses

The colors of the external walls of villas and terraced houses will follow a  functional criterion , aimed at

  • underline the architectural style of the house (modernist, deconstructivist, etc)
  • give symmetry
  • highlight the different structural elements (columns, pillars, balustrades, plinths, etc.).

The colors of the external facades of the houses will be at most two. The same color is used in two shades, a lighter one for the facade and a darker one for the decorations (or the reverse). A second color can be used for doors and frames.

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