How To Choose The Color Of Your Splashback According To The Type Of Your Kitchen?

Placed between the high furniture and the kitchen worktop, we can say that the decorative and aesthetic function of the splashback is no longer to be proven, but it also helps protect. The impermeability of its material aims to fight against the encrustation of water and grease inside the mural. There are a multitude of styles when it comes to kitchen splashback. However, its color should be chosen taking into account the very style of the kitchen.

Some Pro Tips While Painting A Ceiling

  • For a cheerful and colorful cuisine

Choose to paint your splashback in pastel because this color brings light. In addition, it is a flagship color for this year 2019 because it is at the top of the list among the trendy colors in the kitchen of this year. To bring out even more the color of your splashback, you can repaint your walls in white and update your accessories. Then, you are free to personalize this piece as you wish.

  • A pink splashback for a kitchen full of originality

The pink color of the splashback brings light into the kitchen and gives a subtle gradient effect.  In order to stay in elegance and avoid going into the total look, choose the sugar plum rose and apply it by touch. Ideally, the application should be done on the seat of the chairs as well as on the credenza. Avoid dark colored furniture to keep a certain harmony in your kitchen. Know that gold is the best ally of pink. So, do not hesitate to opt for golden patterns on your wallpaper. Finally, green plants will allow you to affirm the originality of your pink splashback and therefore, of your kitchen.

  • A contemporary splashback in natural colors

In case your splashback is wood but comes in the form of tiles, or your kitchen is contemporary in style, you can opt for a rather rough and irregular shade. This will bring relief and density to your kitchen. You will get a result that is as sober as it is modern. A splashback in this color is also very trendy for this year and the irregularity of the color further accentuates the design and modern aspect of the splashback.

  • Dare a multicolored splashback

Today, the constant quest for originality has meant that the hue of the credenza can now be adorned with geometric shapes and multiple colors. According to kitchen designers, having a laminated splashback with patterns promotes a certain whimsy in the kitchen and compensates for the cold side of the furniture there. These multiple colors act directly on the mood by giving a warm and friendly atmosphere.

  • Combine your credenza with checkerboard and originality

You can give your splashback a checkerboard look by painting the tile in black and white. To avoid having an overload effect, stay minimalist on the worktop. Natural accessories go perfectly with this style.

  • A deep wine-colored splashback

This splashback color also goes very well with a very contemporary style kitchen. It will be even more enhanced if you repaint your walls in bluish gray. Take the square format in order to establish a certain continuity between the hood and the worktop.

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