How Do I Clean And Repaint A Painted Wooden Deck?

First, remove as much of the old sealant / coating as possible. This can be done with a pressure cleaner to remove any loose paint / sealant. Sanding is time consuming and therefore expensive. Often, the new sealant you want to apply is translucent and you will see any flaking through the new coating.

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So a compromise needs to be found between sanding it all (very expensive) or just sanding lightly and removing any loose paint. If the deck has been brought back to raw wood, now is the time to oil the deck. Oil cannot flake or flake off as it soaks into the wood and does not coat it like most other sealants or coatings. This makes future maintenance simpler and therefore less expensive.

Painting a pressure treated wooden deck is always difficult. Pressure treated wood seems to hold paint poorly, even with a good primer. Stain is usually the best alternative, but since there is already paint in your deck, it must be removed completely before using the dye.

For the paint to adhere well, the surface must be as clean and dry as possible.

You must use a pressure washer and bleach / water / TSP method for cleaning. I would wait until April or May when temperatures rose in the 60s and 70s to help dry out the log and open the grain.

Choose a high adhesion primer over a stain blocking type. Many manufacturers have released new formulas designed for better grip. When you apply the primer, take your time. Just rolling too fast on the dirt road is not good. The primer should be rubbed into the grain as deeply as possible. Let it dry completely. You can now apply the deck as usual.

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