Green Practices

Our green philosophy is simple: We are dedicated to using environmentally responsible methods and offer our customers unique services and products to take the eco-friendly initiative even further.

We are a member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and utilize paints and products that comply with the set standard VOC levels. You may also choose from our line of eco-friendly ‘alternative’ paints, stains & non-toxic painting products. In addition, we offer to properly dispose of household hazardous materials for you and your neighbors – free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How durable are the eco-friendly products you offer?

    A: They have been on the market of over 20 years and by having a long track record of being durable, you bypass having to be the gunny pig.

  • Q: What makes the eco-friendly painting products Proud Precision Painters offers different than other “green” paint?

    A: We offer products labeled non-toxic and are not tested on animals. The doctor recommended paints we use are the best choice for personal health, especially for the chemically sensitive.

  • Q: Is there a difference between eco-friendly and non-toxic painting products?

    A: The term non-toxic is extremely important when discussing conventional paint products because a product can be labeled as “no odor”, “low VOC”, “ultra-low VOC”, “zero VOC”, “environmentally friendly” or some variation of this but may still be toxic. A truly eco-friendly paint product is paint, stain, primer, caulk or other painting product which has zero toxic chemicals and labeled as such. “Eco-friendly” does not mean non-toxic.

  • Q: Why would a product low in VOC’s or labeled “eco-friendly” still carry toxins?

    A: Almost every paint manufacturer produces an “eco-friendly” paint. The fact that something has a label indicating it as “environmentally friendly” does not mean that it does not contain toxic ingredients. Government regulations exempt some chemical compounds such as ammonia, acetone, butyl acetate, formaldehyde precursors and others, which can still be toxic. Many of these and other additives are part of the manufacture’s “proprietary blend” and therefore are not disclosed to the consumer. Proud Precision Painters offers you a line of paint products which discloses ingredients and labeled non-toxic.

  • Q: What is a VOC?

    A: VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds which are released from traditional painting products years after they are applied. They react in the air we breathe creating ground level ozone or smog. According to the EPA, one of the top five health risks is the quality of air your breath. Exposure to VOCs can trigger asthma attacks, eye irritation, respiratory problems, nausea and dizziness. Prolonged exposure can be even more serious.

  • Q: What happens to the toxicity level of paints when color or tint is added?

    A: Proud Precision Painters’ supplier of non-toxic painting products also has tint which is zero-VOC and most importantly non-toxic. If you want a paint color other than white, tint must be added. Most conventional paint stores use the same tint machine for conventional paint that they use for their zero or low VOC paint. These tints contain VOC’s and toxins, as soon as the toxic tint is added; you now have a toxic painting product. The original can of paint is allowed to advertise the zero or low VOC count because it is not yet tinted.

  • Q: Everyone seems to have a decreased VOC painting product, what is the difference between them?

    A: VOCs are measured in grams per liter.

Zero VOC
All Products
  • = (0 g/l)
Interior Paint
  • < 50 grams/l (Flat Finish)
  • < 150 grams/l (Non-flat Finish)
Exterior Paint
  • < 100 g/l (Flat Finish)
  • < 200 g/l (Non-Flat Finish)