4 Tips When Painting Your Dog’s House

Painting your dog’s house can be a good and fun weekend task. However, you should take into account some tips so that the result is pleasant and safe for your pet. waukesha painters

Factors such as the material, the place where it will be located, and even the climate influence the type of paint and colors you should use. Remember that our dogs do not care how their house looks, as long as it is comfortable and safe, but we do.

Next, we will give you four tips so that the result of your work is to your liking on the outside and gives maximum comfort to your best friend on the inside.

Tip 1: how to decide the type of paint

If you are going to paint your house, it is surely made of wood, and there are many suitable paints for this material. When choosing, make sure it is a good quality acrylic or water-based latex paint. Especially if your pet is restless and likes to chew on any kind of thing, including his house, you can treat it with linseed oil, which acts as a protector and is not harmful to it.

Although they are less and less common, avoid using lead-based paints as they can be harmful to your dog’s health.

Tip 2: the right colors

As you already know, dark colors, and especially black, retain the sun’s rays, increasing the temperature. On the contrary, light colors reflect or repel solar radiation, keeping the temperature cooler. That is why if the place where you live has a warm climate, you should use light colors, which will provide your dog with a cool environment inside your home.

On the contrary, if the place where you live has a cold climate, obviously dark colors would be the best choice, because during the day they will absorb the heat of the sun, maintaining a warm environment inside your house for a longer time.

Tip 3: how to paint the wood

Remember that a good painting job requires proper surface preparation. The steps to follow would be:

  • Lightly sand the areas to be painted
  • Wipe with a cloth to remove dust
  • Apply a coat of paint and allow to dry properly
  • Apply a second coat

Painting the interior is optional. It can be used to maintain cleanliness and that the wood does not take bad odors. Always remember that the paint has completely dried before allowing your pet to enter.

Tip 4: protecting the roof

If the house is made of wood, it is usually common to make the roof of another material that is more resistant to water or to place an appropriate covering. If this does not happen, you will have to treat the wooden ceiling to prolong the good condition of the entire house.

We recommend that you use a wood primer with high penetration power first. Once it has dried, you can give it two coats of some waterproof acrylic coating, or a liquid membrane, that protects the wood from moisture.

If you have opted for flax oil, you should know that it is always good protection for the water, but it must be renewed every year because the wood can dry out in the sun.

As an extra tip, before painting, think about the size. When we talk about houses or beds for dogs, we mean the place that your best friend will use to rest during the day and go to sleep at night; that is why his house should be spacious, allow him to move freely, and can lie down comfortably inside she.

Now it’s your turn, keep these 4 tips in mind when painting your dog’s house and make sure your best friend has a nice and beautiful place.

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